The Broadway Limited

The Broadway Limited was the Pennsylvania Railroad’s premier passenger train, operating one train daily in either direction between New York (or Washington, D.C.) and Chicago. The Broadway ran from 1912 and outlasted the Pennsylvania Railroad, operating under Amtrak until 1995. The name referred not to Broadway in Manhattan, but rather to the “broad way” of the Pennsylvania Railroad’s four-track right of way along a large portion of the route.

Until 1967, all the cars were Pullman sleepers. On-board barbers would trim a beard for 35 cents or cut hair for 50 cents. There were updated stock and baseball reports, a library, and maid and valet service. Similar to a five-star hotel on wheels, “The Broadway” was the fastest and most comfortable way to travel between New York and Chicago.

In 1995, the Broadway Limited faded into history and would have stayed there, but for the determined efforts of The Catalpa Falls Group LLC. Four of the train’s original cars have been brought together and restored to their original splendor, yet subtly modernized for today’s discriminating traveler.