Time Expense

The Catalpa Falls Group LLC is acutely aware of the time investment required to make our business successful. As a small upstart company, all of our employees work limited hours and have other full-time jobs. As a result, our employees’ time is extremely valuable to us, and all time spent on Catalpa Falls Group projects must be billable to an outside party for us to remain profitable.

As such, The Catalpa Falls Group LLC reserves the right to invoice any party for unsolicited and unauthorized time investment on the part of our employees, staff, or managers. In addition, any estimated revenue loss resulting from time spent on unauthorized matters will be invoiced to the offending party.

By contacting The Catalpa Falls Group LLC regarding anything other than information for chartering a railcar, you have agreed to pay the resulting invoice.

Payments for time expense invoices may be sent by check to:

The Catalpa Falls Group LLC
8620 N. New Braunfels Ave., Suite 100
San Antonio, TX 78217-6361